The new GMIT Students’ Union team for 20/21 are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new accommodation portal for the students of GMIT.

One of the main goals the new team set out when they took up office was to improve the communications of the SU across all 5 of our campuses. The team created a 3-pronged approach to this with the first arm of the new communications strategy being the creation and launch of a portal where students can find suitable housing in the vicinity of their campus of study.

In the past week, we had a soft launch of the portal to get feedback and suggestions from students. It is now fully operational with a number of houses / rooms already listed on the website. Speaking at the launch, SU President Victor O’Loughlin said “We’re delighted to launch this service for our students across our 5 campuses. We feel that with the constant scramble for housing in both Galway & Mayo, that our students needed an alternative to what is currently out there to find the best accommodation possible. We’ve been working hard in the background to improve how we communicate to our members and this is just the first part of the process…” Victor went on to say that the more students and landlords use the service, the better it will become.

If you would like to browse the current listings or add a place to the website, simply click HERE